Sean Young

HER BEST SEX SCENE - Love Crimes (1991)

Full frontal nudity in Love Crimes (1991)

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Sean has done sooo many nude scenes in her long and illustrious career. From No Way Out in 1987 through to The Drop in 2006 when she was 47 years old! A round of applause for such a good sport ladies and gentlemen!

We've seen it all through the years as you can imagine - highlights include full frontal nudity showing her bush as she dives into a pool naked in A Killer Within (2004); a wonderfully erect nipple slip peeking out of her slip in Out of Control (1998); and sharing a hot tub topless with James Woods in The Boost (1988).

But the most revealing peek at Sean's slim lithe body came in Love Crimes (1991). 32 at the time, Sean showed it all and did every type of nudity possible: nip slips, ass shots, fucking, and the holy grail - a clear well-lit lingering pussy shot.

This occurs when hubby Patrick Bergin walks into the bathroom while she's in the bath and takes a photo. Asking her to stand up, she does so and he snaps off another photograph while we marvel at her hairy bush. He then washes her hair, rubs her body with a sponge and she is obviously naked for the duration of this two minute scene - watch it for yourself now over at Mr Skin.


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