HER BEST SEX SCENE - Body of Evidence (1993)

Madonna shows her pussy in Body of Evidence

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Madonna first introduced those huge jugs to the world in A Certain Sacrifice (1985), a truly awful low budget drama made before she hit superstardom. It was re-released after she was famous much to Madonna's annoyance as it's an amateurish affair which, if it didn't show Madonna being wrestled to the ground and having her top pulled down, would've faded to cinematic obscurity where it belonged.

Once she had her pick of big budget roles however, we got to see more of the first lady of pop. Dangerous Game (1993) saw her naked opposite Harvey Keitel, but the movie which portrayed Madonna as a nympho slut and gave us the best looks at her great body was infamous thriller Body of Evidence (1993).

Much derided for being a real turkey (and rightly so) it nevertheless deserves respect for allowing us such awesome views of Madonna's pussy, butt and rack. The best scene has Madonna standing on a car hood in a deserted indoor parking garage lifting up her skirt to reveal stocking-clad legs. Co-star Willem Dafoe reaches up and grabs her ass, buries his head in her crotch and pulls down her panties to show us Madonna's pussy, which he proceeds to lick and nibble, putting her leg on his shoulder for better access. She ends up sitting on his face moaning in ecstasy as he lies on the hood pleasuring her.

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