Madeleine Stowe

HER BEST SEX SCENE - Short Cuts (1993)

Sitting for a nude painting in Short Cuts

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Madeleine has had a tremendous career of cinematic nudity, seeming to flash her buns and boobs at almost every opportunity.

We first saw her naked in Stakeout way back in 1987 as she got out of the shower, showing her firm ass and small pert tits. This theme continued as she shared sex scenes with Kevin Costner in Revenge (1990), Kurt Russell in Unlawful Entry (1992) and Ed Harris in China Moon (1994).

But the best look at her came in Robert Altman's acclaimed Short Cuts (1993). Acclaimed by critics, certainly, but also by nudity enthusiasts as many other hot ladies got naked at the behest of Mr Altman, including Anne Archer, Frances McDormand, Julianne Moore and Lori Singer.

In this particular scene, Julianne Moore is painting a nude portrait of her sister (Madeleine) and the camera lingers on pretty Madeleine as she sits in a chair chatting away happily, giving us a great view of her slim figure and lovely little breasts. Then Julianne's husband gets in from work and is delighted to be greeted by the sight of his naked nubile sister-in-law in his living room - lucky guy!

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