Linda Blair

HER BEST SEX SCENE - Chained Heat (1983)

Topless in the shower from Chained Heat

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After bursting onto the scene as a 14 year old with her infamous portrayal of the head-spinning girl in the Exorcist (1973) Linda went on to have a career in B movies which all had little plot but plenty of nudity. Which is lucky for us as Linda blossomed into a beautiful young woman blessed with a nice big pair of natural breasts which she whipped out at every opportunity.

She had an erotic sex scene in Fatal Bond (1992) where her right tit falls out of her nightie as she rides her lover, but for a proper look at both of her jugs you can't do better than the group shower scene in Chained Heat (1983).

Linda is spending her first day in jail and as she stands nude under the water minding her own business a blonde with massive breasts (Sybil Danning) comes up to her and starts talking to her. In the background are four other prisoners, all totally naked showing boobs, bush and ass, but you will hardly be able to take your eyes of Danning's glorious rack. Danning then soaps up sweet, naive Linda's shoulders. Things turn nasty though and Danning grabs Linda's wrist suddenly, making Linda's tits shake and jiggle.

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