Kim Cattrall

HER BEST SEX SCENE - Masquerade (1988)

Topless in bed with Rob Lowe

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Latterly Kim has become best known for her role as Samantha in the phenomenally successful TV series Sex and the City. But she has a film career spanning back 30 years and in what must be some kind of record, she's been getting her kit off for these 30 years too.

Her first nude scene came in Rosebud (1975) when 19 year old Kim showed her ass. Her last one (so far) was in 2005 in a documentary called Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence. In this she slips a nip in the swimming pool.

And of course there's her fantastic television nudity in Sex and the City. she flashed her pussy in cult teen comedy Porky's (1981) but the best look at her ever-young assets was in the 1998 thriller Masquerade.

The scene starts just after she's been screwing Rob Lowe and as they lie in bed totally naked, panting and basking in their sexual afterglow, we get nice close-ups of Kim's breasts and erect nipples. Her chest heaves as a worn out Kim gets her breath back and her B cups rise and fall. Then she kisses Rob a lot, sits up and crosses her legs on the bed (damn bed sheet obscures her bush though) as Rob throws her her birthday present (try not to look at Rob's bare butt at this point, it'll put you right off). Watch this quality nude scene at Mr Skin.


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