Kate Winslet

HER BEST SEX SCENE - Holy Smoke (1999)

Completely naked in this scene from Holy Smoke

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Buxom beauty Kate started showing her rude bits in movies when she was just 19 in the dark drama Heavenly Creatures (1994). Sitting in the bath with co-star Melanie Lynskey we were treated to our first view of Kate's big breasts and large nipples - and we've continued to be treated on a regular basis ever since.

Full frontal glory beckoned next as she lay totally nude on a bed waiting for Christopher Ecclestone to take her nudity in Jude (1996) showing her hairy muff and massive boobs.

The famous topless posing for Leonardo DiCaprio followed in Titanic (1997) before ass and boobs in Hideous Kinky (1998) led neatly onto her best nude scene to date in Holy Smoke (1999).

In this particular scene, she walks towards Harvey Keitel totally naked showing bush and those gorgeous swaying tits before he puts a robe on her (idiot). But she opens it to try and seduce him, allowing us (and lucky Harvey) a long lingering close-up of her pussy and breasts again. Watch the clip here, it's well worth it.


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