Julia Roberts

HER BEST SEX SCENE - Pretty Woman (1990)

Julia's left breast is visible in this pic

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It is pretty rare for an actress to be on the Hollywood A list for 15 years without having to resort to getting nude on-screen (gratuitous or otherwise) to either get there or stay there. But Julia is the exception to the rule.

Only once, amidst all the sexy roles and hot characters she's portrayed, have we seen a flash of Ms Roberts naked. And I mean flash, it wasn't even a proper revealing of her lovely body. That was way back in 1990 in her breakthrough role as the tart with a heart opposite Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.

In this scene, Julia walks into the bedroom wearing a slightly see thru nightie - so far so sexy, but not really proper nudity. Then, lying on her back on the bed, she peels the nightie over her head and we get a quick one second long look at her left breast before the camera moves away from her chest. Watch it here and get ready to hit pause, cos it's quick! And make the most of it, as neither that tit nor her other one has been seen in a movie since. You old spoilsport Julia.


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