Jane Seymour

HER BEST SEX SCENE - The Tunnel (1987)

Topless in a scene from The Tunnel

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English beauty Jane Seymour waited until relatively late in her career to show us some proper nudity, being 36 by the time she did The Tunnel (1987).

Her previous nude scenes had been brief and unsatisfying. In Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977) she was sitting totally naked on a rock but her long hair covered any rude bits we wanted to see. And in Lassiter (1984) we get some glorious views of her pert little ass as she lies face down in bed with horny old Tom Selleck perving over her, but we need to see more of such a fine filly.

So finally in The Tunnel (1987) we get that elusive breast shot a couple of times. Once as she gets out of bed (although it's very quick and dark) and then a much better view of both her small cute tits as she puts on a nightie. Later in the movie we see her ass as she rolls around on the floor with a guy, but it's the breast shot that's best.

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