Holly Marie Combs

HER BEST SEX SCENE - A Reason to Believe (1995)

Holly about to have her breasts groped

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Having only ever done one nude scene to date, picking her best wasn't a difficult choice. But I'm sure it would've beat out competition from a whole host of other scenes even if she'd gotten naked in all her movies cos this one's a real beauty.

Alone in a college dorm with two guys, young Holly puts a condom on one of them and starts to suck his cock while the other guy drinks beer and watches. Then she peels off her red sweater to reveal the perkiest tits you'll ever see - they literally don't move, so firm and pert are they (she was only 21 at the time and it showed).

And what's more, they may only be B cups but those are the puffiest pair of nipples ever seen on film! (Check the clip out now at Mr Skin if you don't believe me). The naked dude she's sitting on top of wastes no time, reaching up to fondle and mould those lovely breasts before sitting up and kissing her pretty face.

They really should write this kind of scene into an episode of Charmed for her, the show would get so many more viewers.


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