Bo Derek

HER BEST SEX SCENE - Ghosts Can't Do It (1989)

Naked in the shower in Ghosts Can't Do It

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One of the all time hottest sex symbols, Bo shot to fame in 1979 as the perfect dream girl in 10. Although she got naked in that and many other movies, horny audiences had to wait another 10 years before seeing the best views of Bo when she did a hot full frontal scene in Ghosts Can't Do It (1989).

Sitting alone on a beach, Bo strikes up a conversation with her dead husband and proceeds to strip off her swimsuit (if you ever watch this movie, ignore the silly plot and concentrate on the quality nudity). First of all she gets her heavy hooters out and then lies on the beach fully nude tanning. All the while talking to a ghost while a man with binoculars spies on her and gets a nice voyeur view of Ms Derek's wonderfully toned body.When she gets up to leave, we are treated to a good shot of her neatly trimmed pussy as she puts her shorts back on, big boobs wobbling as she does so.

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